Tony Hawk's Pro Skater inspired a generation of gamers to start skating in real life. But how can you inspire a new generation of skaters to start playing the game?
To promote the remastered version of the game on its 20th anniversary, we created limited-edition decks that worked just like lottery scratch cards. The more you skate, the more you scratch your deck. That’s the whole idea behind our campaign. In collaboration with Birdhouse, Activision have launched a promo where skaters just need to slide the boards to find the codes beneath the paint and redeem different Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 prizes. Co-designed with Birdhouse Skateboards, the boards - printed with a double layer technique – came with discount codes for the game hidden beneath the paint. Only a few hours after the launch, more than 8.000 skaters had pre-ordered their Scratch Boards on social media.

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